Get 'InBusiness'

Kalaam’s “inBusiness” Service Line consists of voice (Talk) and data (Klik) solutions that provide significant savings.

Voice (Talk) Services

TalkFixed is a cost saving international calling solution from fixed lines using existing telephone lines, without change of land line number;

TalkMobile, a first of its kind VoIP service in the MENA region allows customers to make national & international direct calls from their mobiles without the need to dial any access number. The advantages include significant cost saving, while maintaining the same mobile number; on-line real time account management and post-paid billing services.

Talk800 is invaluable for service industries (such as hotels, airlines, banks), that want to improve customer retention and reach-ability with a toll-free service.

TalkSIP, which enables businesses to power fixed-line business calls that are managed by a PBX system, with Kalaam’s local number range starting with “161”.

TalkGlobal, provides customers with a local number, which travels with you travel. This enables customers to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world at local call rates and/or international rates chargeable from a local line.

Data (Klik) Services

KlikDedicated, a dedicated internet access service through leased lines, Ethernet, wireless or point-to-point networking solutions offering customers the choice of speeds from 256kbps to 50mbps as well as the flexibility of bandwidth-on-demand.

KlikNet, is an ADSL based internet connectivity that requires no change in existing internet set-up and provides customers with competitive packages.

Kalaam believes in providing best-value deals to its customers, with innovative solutions, competitive prices and personalized service. For more information on each of these services mentioned above, do explore the adjacent Related Links.