Kalaam’s unique mobile app – OOTO; facilitates in reducing international voice roaming charges as well as calling charges for companies and hence, simplifying relationships to an optimal level. This results in ensuring seamless service to & from any part of the world.
Not only will you avoid roaming charges on your calls, but you can also make calls using your existing mobile number by incurring no additional charges for the incoming & outgoing calls.

1. Save up to 90% off your roaming charges
2. Significant cost savings on the local & international calls
3. Make & receive calls abroad without incurring any roaming charges
Connect to the Wi-Fi or Mobile data and start making and receiving calls.
4. Using high grade TDM & IP connectivity
OTTO is the first of its kind in the Kingdom of Bahrain, to significantly reduce mobile roaming charges. Now, it’s fine to be out of the office and pay fils instead of dinars. No more “big bills” is guaranteed.

This service is available only for Enterprise customers in Bahrain.

To setup your enterprise account kindly contact our sales team:
Email : sales@kalaam-telecom.com
Tel : +973 16100200

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