TalkFixed FAQs

What technology does TalkFixed use?

TalkFixed is a carrier pre-select service, allowing the user to choose Kalaam as the default international service operator, instead of the local operator which continues to handle only local calls.

How does TalkFixed work?

Once Kalaam is pre-selected as the international service operator, all international calls are routed to the Kalaam network automatically instead of the local operator.


If I subscribe to TalkFixed, do I still need to pay my local operator?

Yes, the local operator is still carrying your local calls, so you will receive two bills – For the line rental and local calls from your local operator and for international calls by Kalaam.

I have multiple telephone lines, can I subscribe to TalkFixed on one line?

If you have analogue lines from the local operator, you can subscribe to one line at a time as required. However, in the case of ISDN lines, all the associated grouped lines will need to be subscribed at the same time.

Once I subscribe to TalkFixed, can I still make international calls from my local operator?

Yes, in case you need to make a particular call using your local operator, a prefix can be dialled before making the international call, which will ensure that particular international call will be handled and billed by your local operator. For example: To make a call to Saudi Arabia via your local operator, dial (prefix) 02220 - (country code) 00966 - (number) XXXXXXXX.

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