Q. What is line speed?
A.  Line speed refers to how many bits per second your Internet connection can download. For Business Internet connections, the speed is measured in kbps (thousands of bits per second) or Mbps (millions of bits per second). An example is a 512/1 MB KlikNet , which can download theoretically at 512 kbps and upload at 1 Mbps.

Q. What is download speed?

A.  Your download speed is directly linked to your line speed. This is typically the speed you will see when you download a file in your web browser. It is measured in KB/s (Kilobytes per second) and MB/s (Megabytes per second), where one byte is equal to 8 bits. Therefore if you are on a 512/1Mbs ADSL plan you can theoretically download at 64 KB/s and upload at 128KB/s.


Q. What speed should I get?

A.  Click on related links “ Understanding your speed test Range” to check  the speed you should ideally be  able to obtain depending on which plan you have chosen. Your maximum speed may vary depending on your distance from a telephone exchange, your line quality, the number of users in your area, or connection protocol overheads.

Q. Why are my speeds slow?

A.There are a several reasons why your results may be slower than expected:

·       You are running other applications in the background that are utilising your bandwidth and hence slowing your maximum speed for this test.

·       Programs such as P2P, IM, email clients, or any other program that may use the Internet should all be closed when running a test.